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After announcing his intention to seek the position of Mayor, Greg was immediately endorsed by a number of prominent leaders in our Duluth community, including Gwinnett Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson, Gwinnett Commissioner and former Duluth Councilman Kirkland Carden, former Duluth Councilman Billy Jones, outgoing Duluth Mayor Nancy Harris, Duluth Councilmembers Manfred Graeder, Marline Thomas, Lamar Doss, and Jamin Harkness, former Duluth Councilmembers Marsha Bomar, Jim Hall, Jim Dugan, and Bob Peterson, State Representatives Pedro Marin, Matt Reeves, and former State Rep Brooks Coleman.


“Duluth has long served as a business and community core of our county, and steady leadership at its helm is critical to continued success. Greg has long been a creative, pragmatic, and community-focused leader for the city, and I am both excited and honored to endorse his candidacy for Duluth Mayor in 2023”
- Gwinnett Chair Hendrickson

“Having a long term vision and leading with a steady hand is exactly what we need to continue making Duluth a great place. Greg Whitlock will bring the skills, the commitment and a long term plan to his role as Mayor of Duluth.”

- Outgoing Duluth Mayor Harris

“As a prior member of the Duluth City Council, I've witnessed firsthand Greg's commitment to public service, professionalism, and leadership that he has brought to the City.  Our residents will have a progressive forward thinking Mayor in Greg Whitlock, and that's why I'm proud to endorse him in his election for Mayor of Duluth"
- Gwinnett Commissioner and former Duluth Councilman Carden

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